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Creative Art / Tech

Creative and experimental works with innovative ideas and new technologies.

This is a interactive art piece I made utilizing Kinect and Java(Processing as platform).

I combined abstract visual pattern and color with music I designed in code.

Aether is a dance performance designed and choreographed based on the exploration of sacred geometry. This motion capture performance will take you through a journey of embodied elements: water, fire, earth and wind.


Software: Unreal Engine, Motive, Maya

A short piece of creative 3D animation work. Use 3D scanning, photogrammetry and infrared camera sensor to construct the texture and 3D particle effects techniques to animate and morphing textures and geometries.

WIP project, procedural effects + custom spline vfx tool. Curve math + procedural dance motion, will integrate musical beats.

Creative particle system.

Voronoi algorithm coding experiment

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