VR / AR / Game

Samples of my gameplay and AR/VR/MR works.


Currently semi-confidential, help building the next AR platform for TikTok, contributing on both product design and development.


My works at Meta Reality Labs were mostly confidential, so sadly lots of my cool R&D and experimental works can not be shown here.

This video very similarly reflects the scope and types of a variety of my VR/AR gameplay & rapid prototyping works.

This is a player's gameplay video for a VR game from Midas Touch Games. I worked on.  VR gameplay, game AI, shaders and tech design.

Personal VR game made with Unity, C#, Maya, Nuke, Photoshop.

Custom weapon interactions

A social VR demo I worked on when I was working for DeepMotion. It demonstrates the power of cutting-edge in-house avatar physics engine

Experimental AR demo with face detection and tracking. Design, digital assets creation and code implementation.

AR sport game on TikTok

Pride fx on TikTok

A PC game I worked on as Technical Artist, participated in UI, shader and vIsual effects.

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One day quick mobile AR Airhochey game with ARKit. Design, digital assets creation, gameplay code and AI code dev.

VR hackathon game demo, won Hackathon 1st palce.

Private video. AR concept demo, also worked on actual prototypes but some are now shown here

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AR music fx.

Private video. VR demo with Oculus headset.

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Face brush demo.

VFX/Shader for AR

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This is a 3D game I created for a class in my graduate program. Player need to use his memory to play this game.


Responsible for Game Design, Programming, 3D/VFX.

This is a personal game prototype, experimenting with some machine learning algorithm and implement A* path search.

TikTok AR quiz