Creative/Dev Tools

Tech demos and tools developed for game development, film VFX production and research. These are actually just a tip of the iceberg due to confidential limitations.

Participated in UI and tool development for 3D softbody editor. Used C++, QT and OpenGL.

Avatar solution. Worked on related tools and tech demos.

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A character tool for production pipeline.

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Develop VR tech demo and visualization tool for character physics engine via custom shaders and game scripts.

Develop a unity game tool that can be used to generate a flying aircraft system in the sky.

Houdini procedural grass animation.

Develop Python Nuke tool for splinewarp tracking objects.

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Explosion gadget

This is ZSlicePlus v1. I made this as a improvement to Nuke 9's native ZSlice tool.
You can control the feather and edge gamma of your sliced image and it also has mask and visualization functions
Python expression and nuke node system are utilized for this tool.

A tool to help artist paint custom textures(refracting/reflecting/flat). The demo shows how to paint rain drops.

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Creative particle system.

Voronoi algorithm coding experiment